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As we start a new year, we’re delighted to report that we have filled more positions in our Fair Pay Rocket, with Symrise AG, Sozial-Holding der Stadt Mönchengladbach and API DE GmbH being awarded UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY ANALYST in the past six months. These companies are clear examples that Fair Pay is possible – regardless of a company’s size or sector – and that it does matter to everyone.

“In the early days, I was surprised that even in our female-dominated industry we had more men in management positions," says Helmut Wallrafen, who heads Sozial-Holding for 25 years. "Now, almost 75% of managers across all our companies are female. Altenheime GmbH has actually hit 85%, a figure which could only be achieved by a consistent approach and offering support in the form of further training and career opportunities.” We can’t help but agree!

By gaining UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK certification, you too can demonstrate your commitment to Fair Pay! This year, we’ll keep working to ensure that the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK remains the most reliable way to implement and assess Fair Pay, so Fair Pay is possible for every worker in every company in every country, no matter where they come from, who they love or what they believe.

To start the New Year, we'd like to recommend some articles of interest. Firstly, Spain is emerging from the crisis having taken a big step towards Fair Pay, as we discuss in the latest edition of our Fair Pay Around the World series: ‘Out of the Spanish financial crisis with Fair Pay’. The new coalition has taken office in Germany and we’ve assessed the impact this will have on the pay gap in Germany. And on behalf of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), we’ve examined the various options favored by the European Commission and European Union Member States to achieve fair pay.
In this spirit, I wish you all a fair 2022, with plenty of confidence and impetus for change. Keep the momentum going!

Yours, Henrike von Platen

Guaranteed fair: Sozial-Holding

Sozial-Holding der Stadt Mönchengladbach has received UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK certification – the healthcare company aims to pay guaranteed fair wages to every one of its approximately 900 employees.

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New to the DAX and new on board: Symrise

Successful companies pay fairly: Symrise AG only joined the expanded DAX in September 2021, but the fragrance and flavorings manufacturer has already been awarded the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK.


Fair Pay paper in English and French

The European Commission is working on a new directive to bridge the gender pay gap. On behalf of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), we’ve investigated what form the path to equality in Europe may take.



How is the new government implementing Fair Pay?

Will money be the key to equality over the next four years? What emphasis does the coalition place on Fair Pay? We’ve taken a closer look.

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Out of the Spanish financial crisis with Fair Pay

In 2007, the gender pay gap in Spain was 18% but this had fallen to just under 12% in 2019. How was this achieved amid a financial crisis and rising unemployment?



A process for certifying all pay issues: we can certify your company for Fair Pay!



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