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World champions on tour: Iceland in Berlin

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Have you ever been to the Felleshus? If you’re longing for a taste of Iceland, there’s no better place in the whole of Berlin than the beautiful Pan Nordic building that houses the Nordic Embassies. And this evening, the topic there is Equal Pay in Iceland. At this event, the Icelandic ambassador and her guests show us what we can learn from Iceland about Fair Pay. Those wishing to discuss this in more depth in a small, exclusive setting can do so tomorrow at Wannsee. Future Fair Pay Leaders are warmly invited to a personal discussion with Vidir Ragnarsson, who has travelled here especially from Iceland. Perhaps he will also reveal why no-one in Iceland has anything to do with elves, whether everyone really has climbed a volcano, and whether there truly are hot springs in every garden… Aside from that, he is definitely going to tell us about his work at our software partner PayAnalytics and explain why practical implementation of Fair Pay works so well in Iceland. The greatest examples of best practice from around the world can also be found in the Reykjavík Manual. This practical guide brings together insights and solutions from a number of female leaders.

Great progress is also being made over in Canada, where they have had a dedicated National Commissioner for Fair Pay since 2019, Canada’s first Federal Pay Equity Commissioner Karen Jensen. For our series “Fair Pay Around the World”, we spoke to her about how things stand right now in relation to Fair Pay in Canada.

I was on the panel in this year’s study by the magazine Brigitte to determine the best companies for women in Germany. On November 5, at the launch of Unequal Pay Day, I’ll be discussing the pay gap in Europe. And as ever, I warmly invite you to join us every Friday for eight minutes of Coffee Talk From Planet Fair.

And we’ve saved the best news for last: the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) has just granted us special consultative status – a real accolade for us as an NGO. With this, we have secured our official place in the global discussion on sustainability topics, and in future we will be able to contribute our expertise towards decision-making at the UN level. Our first recommendation is to clearly tighten up the laws on equal pay, and many, many more sanctions.

Meanwhile, until all companies are compelled to report, we’re happy to continue to convince them of the many benefits of Fair Pay, even without a statutory basis. And it’s for their own good, as Fair Pay proves its worth at so many levels. Read here about the 10 most striking domino effects of Fair Pay.

With that in mind: be smart, pay fairly!

Best wishes,
Henrike von Platen

Fair Pay reception at the Icelandic Embassy

Equal Pay in Iceland: at 6 o’clock this evening, the Icelandic Embassy in Berlin and our software partner PayAnalytics host an evening of ideas including a panel session in the Pan Nordic building, the beautiful Felleshus. With great guests!


Iceland as a guest of the FPI

Companies participating in the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK are invited to our regular event for future Fair Pay Leaders, to meet our Icelandic guest of honour, Vidir Ragnarsson (PayAnalytics), in person.


FPI is awarded UN consultative status

The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) has awarded special consultative status to the FPI as an NGO – from now on, we can participate officially in the global discussion on sustainability topics at the UN level and contribute our expertise towards decision-making. A top-level award!



The Reykjavík Manual is a new practical guide that draws together the insights, best practice and solutions offered by female leaders worldwide.


EU: Fair Pay rules with teeth

German pay transparency lacks teeth – a study by Lurse, our partner in compensation matters, has now reached the same verdict. The European Commission intends to really tighten up this legislation.

READ MORE (in German)

The 10 most striking domino effects of Fair Pay

When it comes to Fair Pay, we often encounter the same misconceptions. For example, that adjusting salaries is much too expensive for a company, whereas in fact, the opposite is true: Fair Pay saves a lot of money.


Unequal Pay Day

From November 5 onwards, women in Europe will effectively be working for free until the end of the year – the average pay gap between men and women in Europe is 14.1%. At the launch of Unequal Pay Day, Henrike von Platen discusses with other experts what the EU and all of us can do to close the gender pay gap.


Fair Pay in Canada

In our series “Fair Pay Around the World”, we travelled to Canada in back in 2019 so it’s high time to follow up with the person who knows best: Canada’s first Federal Pay Equity Commissioner, Karen Jensen.


The best companies for women

September saw the publication of the results of the 2021 Employers’ study by the magazine Brigitte. Panel member Henrike von Platen is pleased with the progress that companies have made: more than two-thirds of them are now carrying out pay analyses.

TO THE STUDY (in German)

Gender Equality Index 2021

In the just-released Gender Equality Index from the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), the EU scores 68 out of 100 - a microscopic increase of just 0.6 points over last year. This index is also about money.


AllBright: departure or tokenism?

Last week, the new AllBright report was published. The result: For the first time, there is finally a woman on many stock exchange boards. But are we already seeing a breakthrough, or are companies settling for an "alibi woman"?

TO THE STUDY (in German)

Drop in for a coffee at Planet Fair

Two women, one coffee, big plans – in the Friday Coffee Talk from Planet Fair, the pay gap experts Margrét Bjarnadóttir and Henrike von Platen talk about their week for exactly eight minutes every Friday.



One award process for all pay-related questions: have your company certified for Fair Pay by us now.



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