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Fair Pay Action: great cinema instead of a summer break!

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Weren't the summer months always the quietest weeks of the year? This year it seems to be different, at least in my diary: talks and conferences, book launches and interviews, court decisions in favor of fair pay, and plenty of things happening generally. I’m not complaining! And I’m so glad that we can have face-to-face meetings with other people again – and that hybrid formats continue to make interaction so much more possible than eighteen months ago!

That's not the only positive thing to happen during these still challenging times. In the Birte Meier case, the German Federal Labor Court ruled that apparently women are systematically paid less at the broadcaster ZDF. Now the German Federal Constitutional Court is dealing with the equal pay lawsuit brought by the award-winning ZDF editor – and it could create a precedent.

Even in the shadow of the pandemic, there are some dazzling flashes of success. In Switzerland, France and the UK, better transparency laws have been passed. The European Union has launched a new directive. And the European Court of Justice has strengthened the right to “equal pay for work of equal value.” We plan to bring all these developments together at the digital International Pay Transparency Conference on July 28, 2021. You are warmly invited to attend. Together with the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC) and the International Labour Organization (ILO), we will gather speakers, experts and interested parties from all over the world to discuss how pay transparency affects countries and companies globally and what still needs to be done. Participation is free of charge and accessible from anywhere.

To get you in the mood, I recommend the article “Equal pay for equal work in Europe? The key may be transparency”, which also deals with our work in the FPI and the Universal Fair Pay Check certification.

I recently enjoyed another foretaste of international dialogue at the invitation of the Hanseatic city of Stade in northern Germany. This was a day-long digital conference on what we can learn from Scandinavia about fair pay. Among others, the wonderful diversity expert Annika von Redwitz was a guest. In the latest part of our “Fair Pay Around the World” series, the native Swede, who has lived in Germany for 30 years, explores the question of whether men and women in her home country really get equal slices of the cake, and whether we should all emigrate…

You can read all about what companies can do better - other than in terms of equality - in order to shape a sustainable future, in the recently published anthology “Sustainability – women create the future”. Here, I explain why fair pay can save polar bears.

That’s not your cue to sit around drinking tea and twiddling your thumbs! No, from now on I drink coffee, every Friday, at Friday's Coffee Talk from Planet Fair, and for exactly eight minutes talk about fair pay with Pay Analytics founder Margrét Bjarnadóttir. Under the slogan “Two women, one coffee, big plans!” we cordially invite you to our weekly business chat every Friday on YouTube or LinkedIn.

We hope to see you there!

Best wishes from Berlin
Henrike von Platen

Best Practices Exchange

All companies participating in the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK are welcome to take part in our regular meet-up for future Fair Pay Leaders.


International Pay Transparency Conference

Speakers, experts and interested parties from all over the world will discuss the latest developments in equal pay on July 28, via Zoom, in English. Participation is free of charge and accessible from anywhere.


Fair Pay in Sweden

Equality seems to be working much better in Sweden than elsewhere – but are Swedish men and women also paid fairly? Diversity expert Annika von Redwitz took a closer look for us.


Sustainability – women create the future

Forty freshly printed suggestions and ideas for a sustainable corporate culture in one book: Henrike von Platen writes about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how we can use fair pay to save polar bears.


International Press: Equal Pay in Europe

For this article, Anna Mulrine Grobe took a close look at how transparency, fairness and FPI certification interact en route to equal pay in Europe.


Have a coffee at Planet Fair

Two women, one coffee, big plans – at the Friday Coffee Talk from Planet Fair, pay gap experts Margrét Bjarnadóttir and Henrike von Platen talk about their week for exactly eight minutes every Friday.


Free analysis tool for small businesses

In Switzerland, the Confederation now also offers smaller companies and organizations an online analysis tool for checking equal pay – free of charge for employers with fewer than 50 employees.


Equal Pay Precedent

In the equal pay case relating to the ZDF editor Birte Meier, it has been proved that she was paid less than her male colleagues. Now the case goes to the German Federal Constitutional Court.



One award process for all pay issues: have your company certified for fair pay by us now.



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