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Fair pay? Excellent!

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Today, the German Equal Pay Day draws nationwide attention to the pay gap between men and women – and exactly one week from today, we will put fair pay into practice all together!

Despite the fact that the statistical pay gap in Germany is slowly but surely closing after years of stagnation and is now down to 18 per cent from 19 per cent last year, things are still moving too slowly for my taste – a bit like the snail riding the turtle and shouting "Huiii!".

And that's why I want to saddle up the rocket on March 17: For the first time in the history of fair pay, companies will be awarded the Universal Fair Pay Check, and I would like to invite you to celebrate this online premiere with me! On screen, I welcome select guests from business and politics, including the patron for the Universal Fair Pay Check in Germany, our guest of honor, Federal Minister of Labour Hubertus Heil. I am also looking forward to our German pilot companies, with Allianz board member Renate Wagner, agency head Lasse Rheingans and esentri board chairman Robert Szilinski, as well as our fair pay pioneers Víðir Ragnarsson from Reykjavík Energy and Páll Matthíasson from Landspítali in Iceland, our analysis and software partners, as well as some surprise guests, concentrated best practices and exclusive insights.

I am sure it will be great! If you haven't registered yet and don't have any plans between 12 and 2 p.m. on March 17, register here.

If you want to know exactly how the German Equal Pay Day is calculated and why it is a small miracle that the day of action has moved up a week in the calendar in just one year, you can read about it in my guest article in Palais F*luxx. In the Zoom wing of the same palace, I will also be discussing the question of whether everything will be fine from now on with presenter and SPIEGEL department head Helene Endres and her guests at 7:30 pm today. The Handelsblatt Online Talk with Cawa Younosi, Kirsten Ludowig and Bert Rürup at noon will also discuss whether fair pay is a wish or a reality. Both discussions will be held in German.

The DFK (Association for Professionals and Managers) would like to change the fact that women are still missing in management: In this press release, we are calling for more transparency.

This concern is also supported by the EU, which has united the most effective measures against unfair pay in a new directive: a transparency obligation and a reversal of the burden of proof, as has long applied in other countries and was also recently established in court in Germany, are envisaged. In addition, companies that do not pay fairly are to be made to pay dearly. An overdue but nonetheless terrific push and fuel for our Fair Pay rocket!

While Planet Fair is in sight above, course corrections are being considered on the ground as well as a look back: What experiences have companies had on the road to fair pay in 2020? That's what we want to find out in cooperation with our analysis partner Willis Towers Watson in a Fair Pay study, in which you can still participate until March 12.

After all events were cancelled last March, the calendar around International Women's Day, the German Equal Pay Day and the Universal Fair Pay Check Awards is well filled. For the first time this year, we can take you to New York to the Commission on the Status of Women: There, on March 16, we will ensure an international exchange between fair pay experts from all over the world at a digital Fair Pay Roundtable. You can find an overview of all FPI appointments here.

First and foremost, of course, our awards premiere on 17 March. You already have other plans? Postpone them to be there as well.

I am very much looking forward to the digital exchange with you!
Yours, Henrike von Platen

Awards premiere

From small businesses to medium-sized companies and DAX-listed corporations, the first companies will be awarded the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK on March 17.



With the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK, companies of any size and at any location can have themselves certified by us for fair pay.


Handelsblatt Online Roundtable

Fair pay for women and men – a distant wish or soon a reality? Cawa Younosi, Kirsten Ludowig, Bert Rürup and Henrike von Platen will discuss this today from 12 noon via Zoom. The live stream will be held in German and is free of charge.


DFK and FPI demand more transparency

Equal Pay Day: DFK criticizes the slow implementation and too little transparency in pay equity and demands non-discriminatory access to management positions.


Palais F*luxx Zoom-Talk

EQUAL PAY DAY - 2021 - Will everything be fine now? Doris Pearce-Niederwieser, Ulrich Goldschmidt and Henrike von Platen talk to SPIEGEL Job&Career department head Helene Endres. Today at 7:30 pm via Zoom in German. Participation is free of charge.


Guest article in Palais F*luxx

Henrike von Platen has summarized 14 years of Equal Pay Day: From the Red Purse Campaign in the USA to the import to Germany and the small miracle that this year the day of action "already" takes place on 10 March.


16 March: Fair Pay Round Table

In the context of this year's 65th Women's Rights Commission, we invite you together with PES Women, Foundation for European Progressive Studies and Fondation Jean-Jaurès to an international exchange on the topic of Fair Pay on March 16.


New EU Directive

More transparency, a reversal of the burden of proof and tangible financial consequences for companies that do not pay fairly. The EU combines the most effective equal pay measures from Iceland, Great Britain, and Switzerland in one directive, as the SZ reports.


Federal Labour Court:

Decision in favour of Fair Pay

Germany, January 2021: The Federal Labor Court rules that employers must explain differences in median pay when providing information under the Pay Transparency Act. This is new and strengthens women's rights enormously, as reported by Handelsblatt.



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