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New year, new zest: don’t just wave at it, grab it with both hands!

Dear Miss/Mister ,

In spite of all the uncertainties at the start of this New Year, two things can be safely predicted without gazing into a crystal ball. Firstly, we’ll have vaccinations; and secondly, many things will continue to change...

…and they’ll change for the better: equality policies are becoming increasingly decisive. After the welcome decisions taken in 2020, right at the start of the year, it has finally been established: Germany will have a quota for female board members. We hope that in 2021, we'll see a similar willingness to make the right decisions with regard to the new EU guideline on pay transparency. You can have three guesses about what we recommended last year. That’s right – we explicitly backed obligatory transparency measures. We’re on tenterhooks to see what happens in the summer: from Mexico and France, the Generation Equality Forum organised by UN Women will showcase ways to achieve global equality. The last few months have made it abundantly clear where the greatest challenges lie. What we need now are concrete solutions. If you have any more questions about this, please let us know: we still have a whole range of ideas and suggestions for stimulating decision-making.

At any rate, there’s no going back – and that’s a good thing. Finally, we can leave behind all those things that had not been right for a long while. We can stop propping up concepts that have no place in the future; instead, we can start to drive the good things forward. Change will happen, whether we like it or not and I’m all about being actively involved in shaping what’s new. At last, we can do everything better than before!

One of the best New Year’s resolutions I have heard is to deliver fair pay – the best prerequisite for equality and equal opportunities. After all, there are no excuses anymore: with the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK, every company around the world can now check whether it’s paying its employees fairly. And that’s regardless of its size, location, organisational form or governing legislation.

Here at FPI, we’re already busy preparing for the first round of UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK awards. We’re currently certifying the most diverse firms, from small businesses through medium-sized enterprises to groups listed on the stock exchange. And the first awards will be made in Spring 2021! For this historic occasion, we shall mobilise everything that is digitally possible in terms of festive flair for the premiere and let the virtual champagne corks pop. We’re particularly looking forward to a prestigious welcoming address followed by the inspiring keynote speeches from our Fair Pay Leaders, not to mention the encouraging Best Practice Insights from our participating companies. And of course – last but not least – it will be an honour to formally present the very first recipients with the Universal Fair Pay Check awards.

If anyone wants to make a last-minute New Year’s resolution, just so happens to have their financial statements for 2020 to hand, and already has the best intentions, they still have until 15 February 2021 to apply, if they too would like to be one of the first award-winners. What better way to show that the direction is set towards equality of opportunity and fair pay?

Let’s unpack this brand new 2021 together - don’t just wave at it, grab it with both hands!
Best wishes,
Henrike von Platen


Companies that are going through the first round of awards and would like to receive awards in March can still apply for our new certification process until 15 February.

Fair Pay Leaders Talk

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Quota for Women on Boards

At last, it has been decided: after the quota for supervisory boards, the quota for management boards is in the pipeline. Because without compulsory measures, there will be very little change.


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Generation Equality

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VirtShops 2020/2021

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