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Fair Pay rocket launched – ready to join us on board?

Dear Mister/Miss ,

For a fleeting moment last week, things were almost like they used to be: we actually sat around a real table in the middle of Berlin, discussing with experts the fastest routes to achieving fair pay! But it wasn’t all about “the good old days”. Quite the contrary: it was about how everything can be even better in the future. And so together, we lit the touchpaper for our Fair Pay rocket in the form of the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK, which will provide massive momentum for fair pay. Our new certification initiative puts an end to all the excuses: it brings together the best legal initiatives in a single process, and can be implemented around the world, in any company, regardless of its size, location or organisational form. To start with, six quite different pilot companies are joining us on board – from micro firms and SMEs to a company listed in Germany’s DAX index. Like our six pilot firms, anyone wishing to be certified by spring 2021 can now apply for the first round of awards.

Joining us in Berlin, not at the table but virtually from Iceland and Switzerland, were the pay experts Lúvísa Sigurðardóttir from Landspitali in Reykjavik and Marcus Priest from Novartis International AG. Both gave impressive reports in our Fair Pay Management Circle on how they succeeded in implementing fair pay strategies in their companies within a very short space of time, and what was particularly important to them. You can find out here why the subsequent discussion revolved around panic and privileges.   

Wonderfully, both Lúvísa and Marcus also found the time to share their own experiences. The following day, linked in to our very first Digital Follow-up Circle were all those who had been unable to join us in Berlin. Anyone who missed that and would like to see the examples of best practice, together with the rocket launch, can find a recording of the one-hour event on YouTube.

The face-to-face discussion in Berlin was a delightful but very brief interlude. All events planned for November have now been postponed until 2021 or moved to a digital platform. The good news is that you can virtually travel to Iceland with us!

Because next week, the Reykjavík Global Forum is meeting again, and of course at the “Women’s Davos” money is high on the agenda. Together with our Icelandic analysis partner PayAnalytics, we are guests at a Leader’s Talk on 11 November. You’re warmly invited to accompany us to the country with the most ambitious equal pay laws in the world. 

How best to handle things when workshops can only take place digitally? The  resourceful answer from unternehmensdemokraten is called VirtSpace and we are very pleased to be involved in this new format, in the virtual learning space. Use the link to find the first VirtShop dates, on the subjects of Equality, Fair Pay and Equal Opportunities in Language, for this year and next year.

And we’re launching a new series of exclusive events too: in our Fair Pay Leaders’ Talks, our Universal Fair Pay Leaders share their best practice insights. These start on 24 November with a talk by Vidir Ragnarsson from Reykjavík Energy, one of our pilot companies.

And if you’d like to know who else is already on board the rocket with us, the names of all our pilot companies can be found on our UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK landing page. It also shows you how to apply. Spoiler: it’s really easy, and takes just a few minutes.

Come on, climb on board, there’s still room for you in the rocket!

Best wishes, Henrike von Platen

Panic and privileges

In October, a Fair Pay Management Circle was held at the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, on the subject of “Universal Commitment to Fair Pay”. It was about money – but also about feelings.


Universal Commitment to Fair Pay

In a digital conference, Henrike von Platen presented the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK, and the pay experts Lúvísa Sigurðardóttir from Landspitali in Reykjavík and Marcus Priest from Novartis International AG shared best practice insights.



Companies wishing to go through the first round of awards by spring 2021 can now apply for our new certification process.


Fair Pay Leaders Talk

Save the date for this new series: Universal Fair Pay Leaders share exclusive best practice insights with future leaders. We kick off on 24 November with Vidir Ragnarsson, Group Head of People Analytics at our pilot company Reykjavík Energy. Book one of the limited seats for your organisation!


The FPI at “Women’s Davos”!

At the REYKJAVÍK GLOBAL FORUM - WOMEN LEADERS 2020, on 11 November we’ll be talking with Dr. Margrét Vilborg Bjarnadóttir, Founder & Chairwoman of the Board of PayAnalytics, at a Leader’s Talk on pay transparency.


2020-2021 VirtShops

Together with unternehmensdemokraten, we’ll be trialling the virtual learning space, and in VirtSpace, we’ll be offering VirtShops on the subjects of Equality, Fair Pay and Equal Opportunities in Language.


Gender and Diversity KPI Alliance

What gets measured, gets done. This is why we joined the Gender &  Diversity KPI Alliance initiated by Catalyst and are now a proud member of the alliance's steering committee.


Support sought

Equal opportunities for all, that’s our goal! Anyone wishing to support us can become a Zebra sponsor, buy a rocket ticket – or simply make an anonymous donation.



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