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Pilot enterprises sought - ready for the next stage in fair pay?

Hello ,

What a summer it’s been! Of all the things this year that were utterly different from the norm, one in particular caught my attention: companies can, after all, do things quite differently. But, above all: companies want to do things differently. Granted, not every change was made voluntarily. However, the net result is that with people working from home for months, more productively than ever, industry is for the first time seriously discussing introducing a four-day week – and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing!

That’s because more and more companies are contacting me, as now especially they’re looking to approach things quite differently, and on a large scale: corporates listed on DAX, the German Stock Exchange, want to analyse whether the equality measures they’ve implemented to date have actually worked. Mid-sized businesses, keen for the first time to check their own pay structures to see just how fair things really are. Start-ups that want to pay everyone fairly right from the outset.

That isn’t just great news, but it also fits beautifully with everything we’ve planned for the next few months: tackling fair pay on a large scale. Until now, at global level there’s been great confusion surrounding certification relating to fair pay. And that’s been particularly true for those companies with the very best of intentions: to ensure fair pay across all their sites, for every employee, irrespective of local legislation or the corresponding verification systems. Our goal is to make fair pay measurable, achievable and visible, irrespective both of company size and national borders.

So we’ve been using the summer months to continue to tweak and fine-tune our Universal Fair Pay Check, to identify the best tools, methods and criteria, and agree the final details with pay experts from all over the world.

The outcome will be revealed on 22 October 2020 at Berlin’s European School of Management and Technology. We’ll be there as guests with a Fair Pay Management Circle, discussing the topic of a “Universal Commitment to Fair Pay”. We’re particularly looking forward to hearing the ideas from Marcus Priest of Novartis International AG, and Lúvísa Sigurðardóttir of Iceland’s Landspitali, both of whom know very well how fair pay works in practice internationally. And finally, we’ll once more be able to welcome around an actual table our guests from industry, science and politics.

And on that topic: The first pilot companies to premiere the certification process in the forthcoming months are already on board, but more are most welcome! If you’d like to be a Fair Pay Pioneer, do get in touch!  

We now have the opportunity to bring about large-scale lasting change in the business world, company by company, and country by country. Money is the key to equality between men and women, and to equality of opportunity for every employee – irrespective of sex, age or marital status, no matter where they come from, whom they love, or what they believe.

It’s high time to light the touch paper for the next stage to fair pay. And I’m looking forward to it!

Best wishes,
Henrike von Platen

Pilot companies sought!

Whether they’re just starting out on their pay strategy, have already done an initial analysis, or are in the middle of taking action – as from October, companies can go through the first round of our Universal Fair Pay Check and receive their awards in the spring.


Fairness Check

If anyone wishes to find out for themselves how fair things actually are in their own company, we’d be happy to send them our Fairness Check. No charge and no obligation!


Universal Commitment to Fair Pay

On 22 October 2020, as guests of the ESMT we’ll be bringing a Fair Pay Management Circle to Berlin, to discuss (in English) with guests from industry, science and politics how fair pay can be implemented.


Keynote at Dive In Festival

For this year’s Dive In Festival for Diversity and Inclusion in insurance, there are more than 90 virtual events happening across 60+ countries. The topic in Germany is “Equal Pay, Gender Pay Gap, Fair Pay – what’s behind it all?” On 24 September, Henrike von Platen will be giving the keynote address.


Masterclass at Emotion Women’s Day

“Let’s talk about money” is the title of the Master Class at the Emotion Women’s Day on 20 October, when FPI Founder Henrike von Platen and Senior Creative Agent Christine Gräbe show how transparency is decisive in achieving equality.


Equal Pay in New Zealand: guaranteed by law

This summer, New Zealand’s parliament passed a law guaranteeing equal pay for equal work and for work of equal value, seeking to end wage discrimination in female-dominated sectors.


25 years of the Beijing Platform for Action

Twenty-five years ago, the 4th World Conference on Women was beginning in Beijing. To this day, the Beijing Platform for Action is as relevant for equality as are Hillary Clinton’s famous words: "Women's rights are human rights."


Support us

Equal opportunities for all – that’s our aim! Anyone who would like to support us can take on a zebra sponsorship, buy a rocket ticket – or simply make an anonymous donation.



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