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Happy Birthday to us! – Ready to join us on our international mission for Fair Pay?

Hello ,

exactly three years ago, the FPI was founded in Berlin - with one goal: fair pay for everyone.

And we really took off! Since summer 2017, we have organised multiple Fair Pay Management Circles and a large Best Practice Summit, held a number of presentations and seminars, held discussions with hundreds of experts from business, academia and politics, and travelled to New York, Reykjavík and Davos to search for the fastest ways to achieve fair pay.

A lot has also happened in other respects: since 2017, the German Pay Transparency Act has guaranteed employees a right to transparency. In the United Kingdom, reporting obligations make income differences visible. In France, companies are monitored by means of an equality index. And in Iceland the most effective equal pay law in the world is shrinking the pay gap. A variety of software solutions help with its implementation and the Icelandic Equal Pay Standard can be adapted to every country, every industry, every company.

It is just the right time to link together these effective measures at international level: it has become clear that there is unfair pay in many sectors and industries, not just in Germany, but all over the world.

Fair pay is more than the key to equality between men and women. Fair pay is the key to equal opportunities for everyone - no matter where they come from, who they love or what they believe in, their family status or age.

After three years, we are ready to speed up this process significantly so we're leaving the German mothership and looking to new horizons.

In the future, we will be partnered with PayAnalytics. PayAnalytics provides the best tools to help companies monitor their pay gaps and close them permanently. We are thrilled to have the Icelandic software developer on our side from now on!

Now we can provide companies with even better assistance in analysing their figures  – whether they have 14 or 144,000 employees. We can advise them on which measures are most suitable for closing pay gaps and keeping them closed. Whether just starting out or scaling up, we’ll support every company on their way to fair pay.

At the same time, we are working on an international procedure to be able to measure our efforts and achievements regardless of company size or location. So far, the certification chaos has made the process particularly cumbersome for those companies despite the very best of intentions, namely to ensure fair pay for all employees at all locations worldwide, regardless of the local legal situation and the associated audit procedures. We will close this gap.

If you would like to become a Fair Pay Pioneer, please write to us. Companies who want to be among the first to be recognised under the Universal Fair Pay Check can contact us.

But our mission is complex so alongside bold companies we need a great support team. You can now become a Fair Pay Friend by sponsoring a zebra, you can finance our advocacy lab or buy a rocket ticket. If we had 1 wish today, on our 3rd birthday, it would be this: to have your active support. That would be the best birthday gift of all. Let’s use this worldwide imposed interruption to set our course for the future in a way that’s fair for all.

Happy birthday to us!

Best wishes,

Henrike von Platen

check out our Birthday Videocast or listen to the Birthday Podcast

Fair Pay Pioneer

Whether just starting your fair pay strategy, following an initial analysis or currently implementing measures - from now on, as a company you can become a Fair Pay Pioneer and undergo a Fairness Check.



Equal opportunities for all is our goal! If you want to support us, you can adopt a zebra, buy a rocket ticket - or donate anonymously and discreetly.


The best partner in the world

From today, we are going to have a new partner for pay analyses and we are thrilled to say they’re the best: PayAnalytics!


Universal Commitment for Fair Pay

Save the Date! On 22 October 2020, we will be holding a Fair Pay Management Circle as guests at ESMT Berlin to discuss the Universal Commitment for Fair Pay.


Remote Café: People talk about money

In the virtual remote café on 3 July 2020, Henrike von Platen will talk to the Managing Director of berufundfamilie, Oliver Schmitz, about money, equality and reconciliation. Participation is free.


Decree: Right to information for all

Employees aren’t the only ones with a right to transparency: The Federal Labour Court has also granted “steadily employeed freelancers” the right to information under the Pay Transparency Act. Birte Meier, the complainant, has sued her employer of five years ago on grounds of unequal pay.


New law in Switzerland

Today, the new Equal Opportunities Act comes into force in Switzerland. Starting from summer 2021, companies with 100 or more employees will have to carry out a wage analysis every four years. At the same time, the Logib tool is now also available in an online version.


Economy needs equality

UN Women asked 10,500 people in 10 countries on how equality could be achieved. The result of the study: 91% believed equal pay for equal work regardless of a person’s gender is important for the country’s future success.


Germany takes over EU Council Presidency

As of today, Germany chairs the Council of the European Union - and starts with a long to-do list. One of the priorities: fair pay for all!


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